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Cultural action partners

Montréal’s cultural team plays a key role in heightening appreciation of and enhancing the various facets that make up the City’s cultural identity.

Montréal’s cultural team consists of:

The Service de la culture

It acts as the City’s lead department in all matters of cutural action.

The Division du patrimoine (Service de la mise en valeur du territoire)

The Division du patrimoine is responsible for implementing Ville de Montréal’s Heritage Policy, whose objective is to encourage the development of a collective vision and a shared responsibility for Montréal’s heritage and make heritage a lever for cultural, social and economic development. Through architecture, history, archeology and toponymy, the Division documents and showcases what makes Montréal a unique city. It coordinates the development of the historic district of Old Montréal, and collaborates with the Bureau du Mont-Royal on Opération patrimoine architectural de Montréal.

The Bureau du design (Service de la mise en valeur du territoire)

The Bureau du design’s mandate is to do more and better when it comes to designing the city; to raise awareness of the talents of Montréal designers and architects; and to develop the market for Montréal-based designers and architects by advocating processes that call for public commissions, such as design and architecture competitions.

Space for Life (Espace pour la vie)

The Botanical Garden, Insectarium, Biodôme and Planetarium come together to form a place where nature and science are prominently featured. Space for Life is a participatory movement and a commitment to a greater understanding and protection of the biodiversity of our planet.

The Section des archives (Service du greffe)

The mandate of the Section des archives is to acquire the institutional and private documents that make up the City’s archives, to process and preserve these documents and to communicate with researchers and citizens. Created in 1913, the Archives of Ville de Montréal consist of 4 km of historical documents dating from 1796 to the present, as well as 1 million photographs. 

The Conseil des arts de Montréal

Founded in 1956, the Conseil des arts de Montréal identifies, supports and recognizes excellence and innovation in the creation, production and dissemination of the arts, thus ensuring long-term continuity.

The Conseil du patrimoine de Montréal

The Conseil du patrimoine de Montréal is the City’s advisory body on matters of natural and cultural heritage. It contributes to the protection, development, enhancement and appropriation of this heritage by citizens.

The Bureau du Mont-Royal (Service des parcs, du verdissement et du Mont-Royal)

 The Bureau du Mont-Royal was created in 2004 to protect and enhance Mount Royal, one of the major natural and heritage treasures of Montréal and Québec.

The cultural teams of the 19 boroughs

Each borough has a team that is responsible for providing citizens with access to culture through a varied program of activities in adapted venues (including libraries, performance halls, exhibition halls and recreational centres). The cultural teams organize activities and projects to improve the quality of life of residents.