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Collaborative Initiatives in Digital Creativity

Programme d'initiatives collaboratives en créativité numérique (new measure for 2017)


The city wishes to support collaborative initiatives around digital creativity* to promote networking of artistic practices that integrate technological innovation and collaboration with communities, as well as networking and new models of artistic and industrial collaboration. To this end, the city wants to solicit contributions from cultural organizations that are interested in working in partnership with cultural and creative industries, and educational, community and research environments.

To do this, the city’s Service de la Culture offers support measures for collaborative digital creativity initiatives as part of the Plan culturel numérique du Québec and the Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal. These measures aim to stimulate innovation to facilitate adaptation of arts and culture environments to digital challenges with a view to transferring and sharing knowledge. This will enable residents to appropriate digital tools and contribute to artistic and economic development of the digital creativity sector, which is especially dynamic in Montréal.

The call for projects from professional arts and culture organizations is part of the large Accompagnement et appropriation du Plan culturel numérique du Québec. Projects will be oriented towards collaborative experimentation with different environments. Selected initiatives will be part of a public presentation of the results and what people learned.

ELEMENT I – Technological City: Cultural and Inclusive
ELEMENT II – New Models of Collaboration in Digital Creativity

* It is understood that digital creativity refers especially to the digital arts, digital publishing, multimedia, audiovisual, video games, virtual and augmented reality, immersive and interactive facilities and digital projections in public spaces.

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To be eligible for these measures, the organizations that apply must:

  • Be a professional cultural organization
  • Be a non-profit corporation (moral person)
  • Have a head office located within Montréal’s city limits
  • Submit a complete application that is compliant with program objectives
  • Carry out the proposed project no later than March 31, 2018
  • Have complied with their commitments with respect to previous financial support and be in good standing with city departments
  • Commit to making the results, best practices and challenges of creating their project public as part of a Service de la culture event.


Monday, March 20, 2017


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