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Collaboration Leisure and Culture

This program is the evolution of the Artistes-animateurs en milieu de loisir Program, which has undergone several changes. We strongly recommand that you read carefully the following information.


Collaboration Leisure and Culture offers financial support to enrich or renew the range of activities in amateur artistic practice of recreation organizations or boroughs.
Through a collaboration initiated by a recreational organization or a borough with a professional cultural organization, it allows to offer innovative, current and quality artistic practice activities to participants in their free time during two sessions. In particular, it targets environments where there is little cultural development in the chosen discipline.


  • ·To generate and sustain interest of citizens in practicing an artistic discipline as a leisure activity;
    ·To enhance the regular offering of recreational organization and boroughs by supporting artistic activities that lead to new cultural and artistic tendancies;
    ·To promote collaborations between recreational organizations and professionnal cultural organizations by drawing on their respective expertis


Collaboration Leisure and Culture is intented for the local and metropolitain recreational organizations and Montréal boroughs that offer cultural leisure activities on a regular basis. They should have professional cultural organization as partners.
Activities should take place between January and December 2018, for a 60 hours of activities.


September 15th 2017, 4 pm.

Please note that the Program will be oppened as announced, subjected to an administrative agreement between the City and the Culture and Communications Ministry.



Artistic field

Cultural recreation


Marie-Pierre Labrie
Service de la culture
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