The team


Bureau du loisir

The Bureau du loisir directs and supports the development and updating of recreational and cultural activities in all the city’s 19 boroughs.

In particular, it supports the boroughs in developing tools, strategies and events and in implementing measures that address common issues, problems and needs related to recreation, cultural recreation and amateur arts.

In addition to overseeing the financial assistance programs supporting cultural recreation, the Bureau has created and runs the CultureLoisir@Réseau Web portal. This networking platform is also a virtual space in which the city’s cultural recreation facilitators, boroughs and their partner organizations, and members of the Réseau du loisir culturel de Montréal can find all the resources, documents, tools and programs developed for them.

In 2012, the Bureau undertook the Diagnostic de la pratique artistique amateur à Montréal. In analyzing all amateur arts activities offered by the City and those specifically offered by each borough, the diagnosis helped adjust the portfolio of proposed activities to the sociodemographic changes and major trends occurring within the community sector as well as the recreational and cultural sectors.

This diagnosis led to an action plan, the Plan d’action de la pratique artistique amateur à Montréal 2013-2017 (only in French), with an important shared goal: to mobilize all the partners in Montréal’s cultural recreation network to update the amateur arts activities they offer and to increase the cultural participation of citizens in every neighbourhood.