Ahuntsic Public Library

Located in the heart of the Ahuntsic district, across from the park of the same name, the Ahuntsic Public Library is housed in the Albert-Dumouchel Building, which it shares with the Maison de la culture and the local employment centre.

Some 10 works of art are on view within its walls, including two etchings by Albert Dumouchel (1916–1971), a former Ahuntsic resident. Along with Pellan and de Borduas, he is considered a pillar of the emergence of contemporary art in Quebec. Dumouchel produced more than 2,000 works and trained several generations of artists at the École des arts graphiques. The building was named in honour of his artistic legacy.



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10300, rue Lajeunesse
Montréal, QC H3L 2E5
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