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A City We Love Is Worth Celebrating!

Published on
December 8, 2016
"The history of Montréal is the story of a series of challenges," wrote Mayor Jean Drapeau in 1967, when the city was celebrating its 325th anniversary.

Since the founding of the city, 20 generations of women and men have lived on this island, one after the other, each trying to do justice to the one that came before it. These Montrealers helped put the city on the map, to spread its unique spirit and message of hope and harmony to the rest of the planet.

Over the last few years, Montréal has faced its fair share of challenges. After a difficult period, its citizens and elected representatives rolled up their sleeves and pulled together in order to rebuild, a massive undertaking at every level. And on the eve of its 375th anniversary it's time to take stock: Montréal is doing well. Citizens are on their way to restoring their full confidence in their municipal government, as integrity and a sense of responsibility have returned to centre stage.

Public finances are in excellent shape, as a result of optimal control over expenditures and a slight increase in revenues. We thus anticipate a budgetary surplus for the third year in a row. This new financial latitude allows for significant investments in public transit and in infrastructure rehabilitation, which transform the city and contribute to the revitalization of its economy. Entire sections of the city are in the process of being reborn, the Bonaventure Project being a good example of this.

New programs promote a more inclusive, egalitarian, and healthy city. The new Child Policy comes to mind, among others, which comes with a $25 million commitment over five years, and takes shape through concrete actions carried out with our indispensable partners, such as the Breakfast Club to which $2.3 million was allocated for the purpose of feeding children in nine targeted neighbourhoods. We could also mention the electrification of transportation, better waste management, and all these other measures that contribute to a sustainable Montréal.

There are so many reasons to love Montréal in this edition of À nous Montréal. And 2017 will be the year to accumulate even more, in every corner of the city and in the heart of every citizen.

My personal goal, at the end of a year filled with promise, is for Montréal to find itself in a wonderful state, firmly focused on the future. A prosperous, creative, and inclusive city, ready to meet the challenges of decades to come: it's the greatest legacy we can leave to future generations of Montréalers.

Long live Montréal!

Denis Coderre Mayor of Montréal
Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montréal