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The World on Our Doorstep

Published on
September 2, 2015
With its many facets, Montréal is a veritable microcosm of our world. Open to the other great metropolises and attuned to best practices, the city inspires… and acts.

Cosmopolitan cities of the future

The demographic profile of major cities is becoming diversified. Today, citizens from various geographic, cultural and social backgrounds live side by side in the same city and the same neighbourhood. It makes for an extraordinarily rich mosaic, which can also bring its share of tensions that can at times be heightened.

Multi-faceted and cross-cultural cities, such as Montréal, are also living and meeting places in which residents develop a deep sense of belonging to a neighbourhood, to recreational facilities, to schools and so on. This puts cities squarely at the heart of actions to counter all forms of radicalization leading to violence.

In June, Montréal hosted the Living Together Summit, an initiative that brought together the mayors of 23 cities and metropolises spread across four continents. The objective was to share experiences and put cities on the front lines of promoting tolerance and social cohesion in a spirit of openness and vigilance.

At the end of the Summit, the mayors unanimously signed the Montréal Declaration and these 23 cities joined the new Mayors’ International Observatory on Living Together. The observatory’s central secretariat will be located in Montréal for the next five years.

The economy and the environment: two global issues

As local governments, cities have an important role to play. Sustainable urban planning and citizen participation are concrete actions that foster collective well-being. Montréal is a key player when it comes to international discussions about climate change. At the 2015 Metropolis Annual Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the mayor of Montréal was named Metropolis ambassador for the climate change file at the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference (COP21) to be held in Paris in December. Mayor Coderre also attended the ICLEI World Congress in Seoul, South Korea, and the city rejoined the Compact of Mayors, an international network committed to protecting the environment.

In September 2016, Montréal will host the Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF2016). More than 2,000 international delegates from local governments, social and solidarity economy organizations, the private sector and civil society are expected to attend. In 2017, the city will also host the Metropolis Conference.

Cooperative agreements
Montréal has many cooperative agreements with other major cities on six continents in the areas of the economy, culture, education, science and technology. The city is officially twinned with Hiroshima, Japan and Shanghai, China (2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the twinning with the Chinese city).
Excerpt from the Montréal Declaration of June 2015
"Our urban policies must take into account social diversity. We must put in place innovative, sustainable practices that both promote social and economic inclusion and provide an opportunity to live safely."