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Time for a plunge!

Published on
June 17, 2016
Hot, sunny days are here again! Montréal’s swimming pools, wading pools and water fun parks will open throughout town to ensure a great—and safe—time for all.

Swimming pools, wading pools and water fun parks will be opening one by one from now through June 23. Did you know? Most are free!

Pool & Water park locations

Basic instructions

To get the most out of your aquatic facilities, plus a pleasant, worry-free experience, just follow these simple rules:

  • Don’t forget your towel or swimsuit (yes, some folks do!).
  • You may breastfeed your child anywhere on the site. However, a special room has been set aside for you and your child’s comfort, if you prefer. Just ask!
  • To visit the pool alone, a child must be the minimum height indicated at the entrance.
  • You want to bring your little Sally and her friend Mia? It’s OK for one person to supervise two non-swimming children if each child is wearing a flotation vest. Preferably, children should bring their own vests to avoid disappointment if none is available in the right size
Heated pools!

Prefer warmer water? Some swimming and wading pools are heated, including the John-K Kennedy Park pool in Outremont, the pools at the Jean-Drapeau Park Aquatic Complex and the Pierrefonds-Roxborro pools. Plus, the Natorium’s wading pool in Verdun is also warmed up for the little critters. Check with your borough for more information.

Feet in the sand

Want some quality beach time without even stepping foot off the Island of Montréal? Well you can get it! Visit one of our four nearby beaches for some fresh air and a nice summer break. 

Time to head for the water!

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