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A semblance of spring

Butterflies go free
Published on
March 21, 2018
No need to have children or to borrow someone else’s, to go see butterflies roam free! If you feel like a little change of scenery, head out to Pie-IX metro station, and the Jardin botanique.

Chrysalides à l'Insectarium

Did you know that the butterflies fluttering through the main exhibition greenhouse of Espace pour la vie come from fair-trade farms from across the globe? Chrysalides are shipped by mail every week, for the entire duration of the even. They are kept in the Insectarium’s nursery until their metamorphosis. 

Heliconius doris

Every day, several species are released in order to renew visitors’ experience. As a result, you can come back a few times to discover new butterflies and new plants as well.

Greta oto

The plants from the main exhibition greenhouse that are used to feed the butterflies are produced at the Jardin botanique. They are grown without pesticides or herbicides, so insects are repelled organically. Some plants are produced two years ahead of the event, in order to reach a certain volume by the time the butterflies are showcased.

Eumaeus Atala

In 2018, Butterflies Go Free is particularly interested in the relationship that butterflies have with their habitat. With the help of the scientific animators, we discover several tips to welcome Lepidoptera in our gardens.

Siproeta Stelenes

The aviary has become a model followed by other gardens around the world. Specialists carefully choose the species that offer the prettiest display or the most magnificent colors. They also set up architectural structures that allow butterflies to flutter about without any obstructions.

Danaus Plexippus

Butterflies love nectariferous plants and citizens are encouraged to grow them in their gardens. Very present in Montreal, the monarch is crazy about the milkweed flowers and lays its eggs in them!. 


In butterflies, coloration can be structural or pigment-related. It is the interaction between light and Morpho scales that causes the light waves to diffract and reflect.

Idea Leucone

Butterflies don’t all have the same metamorphosis period. If they all hatched at once, the chances of creating scenarios to ensure the survival of the species would be significantly reduced. Nature creates several scenarios, to increase its chances.

We would like to thank Mr. Pierre Veilleux, entomology clerk, for revealing all these little secrets from the world of the butterflies of Espace pour la vie!


Buy online tickes for Butterflies go free and save time! The event is offered until April 29, 2018. Note that the Jardin botanique is closed on Mondays until May 14, except for April 2 (Easter Monday).