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Jogger avec l'horizon

Running with the horizon

... and breathe the river
Published on
June 30, 2017
Sophie Lymburner is the founder of YogaTribes. She does yoga twice a week, but from time to time, she needs space – to take her distance, to launch herself towards the infinite. So she runs along the waterfront near her home in Nun’s Island.

“I love the sensation of plenitude,” says the entrepreneur. “It makes me forget that I live just a few minutes from downtown.”

The ritual is always the same: Sophie gets up at dawn, puts on her running suit, prepares herself a fresh glass of juice, eats a small bowl of granola and leaves her condo to run alongside the river.

“It’s very zen,” she says. “At that time of day, there’s nothing but the birds and the breeze on the water. I sometimes see other runners, but the athletes and the walkers come later in the morning.”

Listening to birdsongs

Sophie warms up, running towards the soccer field next to the Lac des Battures, where you can see all kinds of birds depending on the season – blackbirds, swallows, cardinals, purple finches, goldfinches and many other species that serenade the joggers with their birdsong. Next, the young woman heads towards the waterfront, between the Parc Adrien-D.-Archambault and the Nun's Island golf course.

“What I love about running alongside the river,” says Sophie, “is the horizon.”

Jogger avec l'horizon

Enchanted forest

She speeds up, reaching her cruising speed as she winds around the tip of the island. "The view is stunning," she says. "You could almost believe you're on vacation!" As she heads for the Parc Maynard-Ferguson, Sophie can contemplate the sunrise over the water.

“This is my favourite part,” she says. The five-kilometre path runs alongside part of the bike path, alongside the water, and crosses through a wooded area. “It’s like an enchanted forest – so magical!” says Sophie. Sometimes, a turtle crosses her path. “I always think of Aesop’s fable about the tortoise and the hare,” she says, laughing. “Who knows who will arrive first?”

Sophie finally reaches Chemin de la Pointe-Sud. She slows down her pace and jogs back to her condo.

“After I take my shower,” she says, “I feel like I’ve left all my cares behind me!”

A new day can begin...