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Published on
September 6, 2016
Starting this July and continuing throughout the year, dozens of artists will be touring Montréal’s many neighbourhoods, giving free (or almost!) public performances in parks, churches and cultural centres.

Many of these performers also frequently appear in the world’s top festivals . . . not just here! Montréal’s Conseil des arts provides the support they need to put on outstanding and original theatre, dance, music, film, circus acts, visual/digital art and new mixed-media performances for us, as well.

There will be 425 shows between now and the end of the year at 150 sites in 19 boroughs and 11 related municipalities. The vast Conseil des arts de Montréal en tournée is the biggest such event to take place on the Island of Montréal, using the municipal venues of our Accès culture network, as well as those of the Association des diffuseurs culturels de l’île de Montréal. 

Who’s Doing What?

A very practical Web Agenda lets you select events by date, location and type. For example, choosing “Circus” and the July 1 to December 31 period will give you Vague de Cirque, founded by the loving Magdalena Island acrobatic couple, Noémie Gervais and Alain Boudreau, who will be producing shows throughout the summer. “I won’t be performing this year, because I’m expecting our fourth kid and I’m too big for my husband to fling in the air!” Noémie laughs. Their show, Barbecue, spotlights the vagaries of certain unfamiliar settings as our seven characters reveal their true colours at mealtime, redefining—with humour and high voltage—the concept of territory! The couple has toured over 20,000 km with this show over the past year.

If you click “Multimedia” activities, you just may chance upon Machine Variation, a 30 minute musical and visual event by two multidisciplinary artists showcasing a huge sound sculpture formed of wood and steel cables that serve to extend and magnify their musical and choreographic gestures. This utterly unique happening, loved by young and old alike, has already been seen in more than 30 countries. “It reflects the pleasure of finally being able to show our friends and families what we almost always do somewhere else,” said Martin Messier, one of the show’s creators.

If you want to find out what movies are showing, you may chance upon Funambule Médias’s Cinéma sous les étoiles, with outdoor screenings, followed by public discussions. Our summer program, “Nourrir les résistances,” will prove a big hit. As some viewers are already quite familiar with the topics under examination, discussions afterwards will prove compelling,” noted project founder Nicolas Goyette.

After making your selections in the Conseil des arts de Montréal en tournée agenda, you can sign up for a newsletter, with updates on upcoming events. You’ll love it!

See you at: artsmontreal.org/fr/tournee