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Nuit blanche 2018

Participative mural: Show your colors!

Nuit blanche at city hall
Published on
February 23, 2018
Are you fascinated by the murals adorning Montréal’s walls? If creating your own seems like too tall an order, you do have the opportunity to leave your personal touch on a collective mural during the Nuit blanche at city hall, on March 3!

For several years now, Montréal city hall has been hosting events as part of the Nuit blanche of the Festival Montréal en lumière.  Whether to play board games or dance the night away, Montrealers have been invited there to join in the fun. This year, we are innovating by welcoming guest VJ’s and DJ’s from the Société des arts technologiques (SAT) as well as artist mediators from the non-profit MU, instigator of hundreds of our city’s murals.

“We are used to putting together video mapping projects with emerging artists, but we were curious to see the shape this would take in collaboration with the city”, explained Joseph Lefèvre, director of residency and creations at the SAT.

“We are happy to work in collaboration with the city and MU to revamp the genre of the Nuit blanche at city hall. The mural (40 feet by 8 feet) is based on a drawing by Francis Théberge of This is not design, and we will add a dynamic dimension to it using projections and music by DJ Le Frankeinstein.”

Just one night

Extrait de la vidéo tournée à l'école Pierre Dupuys

The event is meant for the entire family and for aspiring artists, regardless of their talent. Born from the collaboration between the SAT and MU, the project was first implemented for Pierre-Dupuy school last year, showcasing the Pont Jacques-Cartier. Julie Lambert, project coordinator at MU, is also glad to be a part of this unique event for Montrealers:

“This year, the theme of the Nuit blanche is to create mixes. By combining our different forms of art, our project is a perfect fit for the theme. Artist mediators will be there to guide participants and UQAM students will capture it all on film. They are working on a documentary on the SAT artists who will be participating in the event.”

We invite you to take part in this collective artwork that will last just one night, because it will live through projections, live music and the drawings that you will create. Finally, don’t miss this opportunity to visit city hall with tour guides who will tell you all about its history and architecture.