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Our summertime picks at Théâtre de Verdure

Free events
Published on
June 29, 2017
From June 30 to August 28, the Théâtre de Verdure at Parc La Fontaine will offer 29 days of various shows and 39 outdoor events, all free of charge.

There's much more than just theatre at the Théâtre de Verdure at Parc La Fontaine. Since 1956, the outdoor amphitheatre has presented professional shows of dance, music, theatre and film in the summertime, all free of charge. Its objective is to promote access to culture and resident participation in cultural life.

“We want all residents to discover our cultural events,” said Virginie Lacombe-Gagnon of the Théâtre de Verdure. “There are shows for which people probably wouldn’t necessarily have bought tickets, because it’s free and in the neighbourhood, they come out of curiosity and discover wonderful things.” 

Novelty and diversity

The Théâtre de Verdure's program of events supports diversity in its broadest sense.

MoW! de Sinha Danse

“Diversity affects the arts that are presented, but it also affects talent,” said Lacombe-Gagnon. “In addition to promoting cultural richness, we also like to make sure we showcase projects led by women.”

New talent is also promoted. So get out your calendars and mark down these three events that you won't want to miss!

MoW! by Sinha Danse

More than 150 amateur dancers from a variety of backgrounds interpret choreography by Roger Sinha and Deepali Lindblom in which typically Montréal contemporary dance meets Bollywood. There will also be a dance workshop after the show for spectators who want to learn part of the choreography (Saturday July 8 at 7 p.m. and Wednesday, July 12 at 8 p.m.)

Huu Bac Quintet

Tuktuq by Robin Aubert

This Québec film, presented as part of Film Tuesdays, is sure to inspire reflection about the expropriation of small towns in the north of Québec (Tuesday, July 25 at 9 p.m.).

Huu Bac Quintet

This Vietnamese composer offers listeners a beautiful fusion between Oriental music and North American jazz. The quintet features traditional instruments such as the đàn bầu (Vietnamese monochord), the erhu (Chinese violin) and the quena (Andean flute) (Friday, June 30 at 7 p.m.). Also at the Montréal's Jazz Festival.

Important notice : Due to construction work on the Théâtre de Verdure, the city has planned for its summer programming in the Parc La Fontaine to take place on the grassy area between the Théâtre de Verdure and the Espace La Fontaine bistro.

Information : theatredeverdure.accesculture.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/theatredeverduremontreal/