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Fête des voisins de la rue de Saint-Vallier


A great habit!
Published on
May 26, 2017
With its multitude of neighbourhoods and living environments, Montréal is the perfect place to celebrate Neighbours Day, an initiative of the Réseau québécois de villes et villages en santé that has taken place each summer for the past 10 years.

In May and June, the city has finally come out of its wintertime slumber. If you want to organize a celebration with your neighbours, June 10 is the perfect time to do it: It’s Neighbours Day all across Québec.

In Montréal, people live close to each other, and the festival is celebrated from one side of the street to another!


What makes this event special is that residents are in charge of organizing the events they want. Cocktail hour, potlucks, outdoor movies, musical jams… if you have an idea, you can organize it!

Vente de garage

No matter the initiative, the objective is to create a feeling of community; to bring together people who live in the same environments, residents and families; and to create sustainable friendships!

Matthieu Mortézaï, a resident of Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, understand the benefits of this type of unifying event for community spirit: He has facilitated community life for several years thanks to his Facebook page Friends of Rue Saint-Vallier.The page now has more than 3,000 followers – more than the street’s own demographics. 

Precious moments

For us, Neighbours Day is one more group event in our year. We organize Halloween festivities, we started a Green Lane; we offer lots of activities where people can interact with each other. It's really created a community spirit that has a snowball effect: There are more people at each event, and people talk to each other more and more!

Fête des voisins du chemin de la montagne

What started with a simple garage sale six years ago became an important anchor for neighbourhood life, and Mortézaï can’t say enough good things about his neighbours.

“These moments are precious. They are relaxing times with neighbours that give you the chance to meet people and make friends. And that means we’re putting time and energy into something that belongs to us!”

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