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Jogger avec bébé

My jog, my stroller, my path

Running with baby in Montréal
Published on
June 30, 2017
Véronique discovered the Angus neighbour-hood in Rosemont by running towards the Parc Maisonneuve. She and her partner had just bought their first home, a lovely ground-floor condo a kilometre away from the large park where she did 2.8 laps early each morning at a swift pace. And then, her belly started to swell.

“The first thing we bought wasn’t a little pair of pajamas, but a fire-engine red running stroller,” she says. “I imagined baby snoozing in the stroller while I enjoyed my passion.”

When baby chooses the path

However, baby's sleeping habits ended up being unusual.

“My son preferred city noises to birdsong for his naps,” she says. “So I discovered the area around the Botanical Garden and the park. It’s not as bucolic, but it offers 4.5 km without traffic lights and with intense grading, especially the endless hill on Boulevard Pie-IX, which gives you an incredible workout!”

During this time, their co-owned condo got a little too small for the family's needs. They knew they wanted to move, but there was no way they were moving away from the park or the Botanical Garden, where she could do a 3-kilometre lap and sometimes even spot the neighbourhood's two red foxes.

Jogger avec bébé

“So we fell in love with a bungalow... even closer to the park!” says Véronique.

The Botanical Garden's impeccable asphalt and the excellent trails at Parc Maisonneuve welcomed the new baby from the first months of his life.

“There are no chains, no sidewalks, no potholes, no annoying obstacles,” says the young mom.

Coffee break

As coffee is a popular fuel among new moms, Véronique extends her run to Rue Masson, where there are several family-friendly cafes where she can meet friends for a cup of coffee. And, if she wants a change of scenery for a more urban landscape, she continues onward to the railroad overpass, near Iberville, before continuing onto the multi-purpose bike path that runs alongside the rails, at least until Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

“It’s five kilometres round trip, a straight shot: it’s perfect for an easy run with the stroller, and the rock dust is gentle on my body, which is still recovering from pregnancy and childbirth,” she says.