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Club des irrésistibles

Les Irrésistibles

A guaranteed hit
Published on
March 29, 2018
For some ten years now, the Club des Irrésistibles, a unique Montréal book club, has brought together hundreds of readers, despite the hardships faced by the book industry. The secret: using a digital platform to allow passionate readers to converge.

This group, formed from other book clubs within the Bibliothèques de Montréal, stands out for several reasons. With its weekly newsletter and its website proposing more than 5,600 enjoyable reads, it is a true goldmine of cultural recommendations! Your Wednesday nights will never be the same once you start discovering the Club.

You can participate

The Club des Irrésistibles is the result of an initiative by Marie-Anne Coggi, more than 10 years ago. Marie- Anne was then a facilitator for reading groups across Montréal, and numerous participants would ask her for suggestions. The creation of a weekly newsletter allowed for this group, from all over Québec, and even from all over the world, to come together!

Marie-Anne Poggi lors d'une rencontre annuelle des membres du club - Gracieuseté de la bibliothèque Robert-Bourassa

The concept is simple: you enjoyed a literary work, whether recent or not, and you would like to talk about it? Write a short text describing it and what it evoked for you. Send it all directly to Marie-Anne, and the book could become an official hit for the Club des Irrésistibles!

Another special characteristic is the fact that member recommendations are completely anonymous.

“For me, the recommendations carry more weight this way, says Marie-Anne. We stand to gain nothing other than enticing people to get out and get a book!”

The library as a showcase

The hits chosen by club members are then highlighted in numerous Montréal libraries, whether using distinctive labeling or by placing them on a display rack containing the latest recommendations.

These libraries promote the great diversity of the club’s suggestions, for their clients to discover.

“We explore all literary genres, as much classic works by authors like Balzac as new arrivals, published the previous week, explains Marie-Anne. The club has a broad scope!”

Les participants au débat visant à couronner le livre coup de cœur de l'année - Gracieuseté de la bibliothèque Robert-Bourassa

For Marie-Anne, who continues to coordinate numerous reading groups in Montréal, variety is a priority: “In 35 years, I have never suggested the same author twice to my reading clubs,” she adds.

10th Annual award

Although its platform is essentially a digital one, the Club des Irrésistibles does meet face-to-face yearly, at the Robert-Bourassa library, in order to select the winner of their honorary award.

The selection process has been the same for the past 10 years. First, 5 finalists are chosen among the hits received throughout the year. Then, members meet to discuss their selection and to vote, before revealing the winning literary work.  

The Club des Irrésistibles piques your interest? Sign up for the newsletter!

Seau officiel du Club des irrésistibles


The 10th edition of the Prix du Club des Irrésistibles will be held on April 23 at the Robert-Bourassa library. This year’s five finalists are:

- Le Poids de la neige, (The weight of the snow) Christian Guay-Poliquin (La Peuplade, 2016) 

- Étincelle, Michèle Plomer (Marchand de feuilles, 2016)

- La Nature exposée, Erri De Luca (Gallimard, 2016, 2017)

- Le Plongeur, Stéphane Larue (Le Quartanier, 2016)

- Chanson douce, (The Perfect Nanny)  Leïla Slimani (Gallimard, 2016)