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Mathias est fier de nous montrer son jeu vidéo sur les fantômes.

Kids decode coding!

Free workshops
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November 20, 2017
The Saint-Michel library is partnering with the Code MTL project to introduce kids to programming!

Despite the autumn chill, a dozen young boys and girls wait patiently, but with a certain excitement, for the library doors to open. Inside, volunteers are setting up computers for these kids to learn about coding in a fun way!

For the next hour, Denis Bricault, a volunteer who is passionate about programming, will lead the small group as they devour new knowledge.

Durant tout l’atelier, les bénévoles aident les enfants à comprendre.

“We don’t want to make programmers out of them,” he said. “Instead, we want to awaken their curiosity for using computers to solve problems. It’s called computational thinking. Our goal is to amaze these kids!”

And it works! Laurianne, Jean-Louis, Victoria, Mathias and their friends are all abuzz with ideas and creativity!

Spotlight on drawing

Each Saturday, the kids work on a new programming project. This week’s project focuses on drawing. Using software that was specially designed for kids, they learn how to hold a pencil, make thinner or thicker lines and play with colour.

Victoria apprend à sa maman à coder après les ateliers.

Eleven-year-old Victoria in the front row is attentive. “I love computers! I want to be a programmer!” she says. Milla, her mom, adds:

“As soon as she comes home, she goes to the computer and codes, then she tells me about what she learned.”

Today, 12-year-old Mathias has decided to draw nuclear waste. “I’m challenging myself to draw without using blue, the colour I use the most.”

“I love coming here, because we can do anything. I even created a video game with ghosts. You just click on the ghost that appears on the screen. I also adjusted variables to make the game harder or easier!”

Jean-Louis et Meguy sont attentifs aux explications de l’animateur.

The idea behind this wonderful initiative is to make digital tools more accessible and more fun – helping kids be creators, not just users.

Coding time is over, but the kids are already ready for more!

Code MTL is an initiative of the Commission scolaire de Montréal Foundation. This project is supported by the Ville de Montreal, his Smart City Office and its libraries, Google Canada, Desjardins Group, the Government of Quebec, Ubisoft Montreal, Jeux WB Montréal and Kids Code Jeunesse. Workshops are offered at the Benny library in NDG and the Saint-Michel library.