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Jogging à plusieurs

Jogging with friends

The lunch breaks - sports version
Published on
June 30, 2017
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon, David, Yves-André and Guillaume meet in front of Skytech Communications in their running clothes, ready to run five to 10 kilometres together, depending on their mood or objective of the day.

“I started running at age five,” says David, a programmer. And his work friends joined him over the years. “Since then, I’ve had colleagues pass me... and surpass me!”

The call of the asphalt is contagious.

“I thought David was crazy for going running at lunchtime,” says Yves-André, laughing. “But since last summer, I’ve shared his passion!”

Along the river

Skytech Communications is located on Boulevard Gouin, in Ahuntsic. The three co workers have the chance to run alongside the rivière des Prairies on their lunch break. What could be better than a peaceful, natural landscape without any stop signs or traffic lights for runners who don't want to break their stride?

“Actually,” David says, “we only have one traffic light before the bike path, and it decides which way we go. If it’s a green light, we go left; if it’s a red light, we go right!”

Jogging à plusieurs

The path offers equally great challenges in each direction. On one side, there's the Parc de la Merci and it's bridge towards Laval, where there are no cars, for a short trip outside the city before coming back on the Viau bridge. On the other, the trio runs 2.5 km to the Île-de-la-Visitation, then a loop around the île du Cheval-de-Terre before they head back to the office.

Taking a break

Running at noon was a work-life balance strategy for the three dads, who don't see any repercussions on the time they spend with their family.

“The other option was to eat at my desk while working,” said Guillaume.

Instead, these three runners challenge themselves, inspire their colleagues, get to know each other better and take a break from the office – all in less than 45 minutes!