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Martin-Sorto Ventura, ambassadeur de Montréal-Nord


Sommet #Jeunesse375MTL
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May 29, 2017
Martin Sorto-Ventura is only 16, but his résumé is already impressive. He’s student council president, president of the Programme des Pairs Aidants de Coup de pouce jeunesse, captain of the robotics club “3544 Spartiates” and vice president of the Association des élèves du secondaire de la Commission scolaire de la Pointe-de-L’Île.

Martin is very involved in his community. He’s also one of the 19 Sommet #Jeunesse375MTL ambassadors who came together in Montréal at the beginning of May along with hundreds of other participants.

“My parents grew up in the same village in El Salvador, but they met here in Canada,” he explained. “They decided to settle in Montréal, and that’s where I was born.”

Montréal is a hub where diverse people meet and thrive. Not all have the same level of involvement and voice. Also, initiatives such as Sommet jeunesse allow people from different backgrounds to meet and speak.

Martin-Sorto Ventura [à Bruxelles avec d'autres ambassadeurs]

“I really loved meeting people I didn’t know,” says Martin. “Everybody was able to speak. Everybody was there to give their opinion.”

Concrete actions

Martin, aware of the fact that concrete actions can change the world, started becoming involved in secondary 2.

“As a volunteer, I first saw what citizen involvement looked like,” he remembers. “Then I was voted to student council. I always wanted to do more to help others and to make life better.”

Affected by the social inequalities that exist in Montréal-Nord, his borough, Martin sees himself as a facilitator. The Sommet jeunesse has helped launch a huge consultation. As ambassador, Martin has taken an active part in it.

Sommet #Jeunesse375MTL


“I was able to sit with young people from my borough. There are those who generally do not speak, who do not show interest in the community. Yet, together, we were able to talk seriously, to exchange ideas; very mature ideas came through. It was very positive.”

A voice for young people

Martin hopes to make a difference by helping find solutions to social, economic and ecological problems.

“Communication is a must,” he says. “If I could help people to get to know each other, to learn from others, to know what resources are available… everybody would benefit.”

At the last General assembly of Forum jeunesse de l’île de Montréal (FJIM), Martin was elected director, representing the education sector. The mission of the FJIM is to assemble youth and youth organizations through consent in order to amplify their voices, stimulate citizen involvement and to inspire structuring initiatives by and for young people.

“Being ambassador of the Sommet jeunesse means taking part in a richer, even more beautiful world,” he concluded.

What’s a place you especially love in Montréal?

The area around the Eaton Centre in the underground city. 

In a word, what does commitment mean to you?


What’s your dream for Montréal?

To make information and resources available so that we can realize our projects.

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