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Giving the gift of local design

Looking for the perfect gift?
Published on
November 13, 2017
Year after year, the city compiles the work of the best local talent in its CODE SOUVENIR catalogue to present institutional merchants and buyers gifts and souvenirs with a special Montréal connection. And this UNESCO City of Design is full of creative talent!

“Velvet Moustache isn’t just for kids. Our aim is to create sustainable items that won’t be thrown away when the child grows up,” said Majorie Labrèque-Lepage, founding designer of the small Ville-Marie. 

For 10 years, Velvet Moustache has created charming stuffed animals with a resolutely contemporary look that can double as cushions.

The creative universe of stuffed toys has no limits, said the artist. For the catalogue, as a CODE SOUVENIR designer, Marjorie created a sleepy beaver, available as a stuffed toy, a cushion, or a pin.

Les peluches et coussins contemporains de Majorie Labrèque-Lepage nous invitent dans un monde résolument enfantin où, comme adulte, on s’attarde avec plaisir…

One catalogue – hundreds of designers

Velvet Moustache is just one of 139 Québec designers whose talent is showcased in the Catalogue CODE SOUVENIR catalogue this year. Travel bags, scarves, bracelets, greeting cards, tasting boxes, keychains, hats, chocolates, coasters, mugs…

The catalogue is full of gifts. All of them are useful, carefully designed and finished, easy to carry and a testament to Montréal’s know-how. Whenever possible, they are locally made, sustainable and ecoresponsible.

You too can get these items

CODE objects (the acronym for City of Design) are offered in six CODE SOUVENIR MONTREAL boutiques, which share this mission to promote products designed by local designers.

Consultez le catalogue CODE SOUVENIR Montréal