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Guillaume Lambert


Carte blanche to Guillaume Lambert
Published on
July 23, 2018
To fully experience life, I need to travel. Paradoxically, each time I indulge that need, the return flight to Montréal is always among the highlights of my trip. Flying over the river and recognizing the Radio-Canada tower, the Molson plant, the cross on Mount Royal—it’s all so wonderful. You get the feeling that you can hold the entire city in your hand.

Winter is when my wanderlust runs highest. Summer, I’m content to travel the city. On days off, I’ll sometimes choose a metro station at random and set out to discover an unknown neighbourhood.

In summer, I no longer feel the urge to travel. I lose myself along the Lachine Canal all the way to the Atwater Market, and that’s all I need. I hang out at Village au Pied-du-Courant, contemplating the railroads that stand between me and the river and listening to the faraway cries coming from La Ronde.

I’ll have lunch three times a day, if need be, in three different restaurants. The rest of the time, I pick up a few cheeses with some hummus and a baguette and head to one of Montréal’s parks: Parc du Pélican, Parc Molson, Parc Laurier, Parc Jarry, Parc La Fontaine... it depends on where my friends are that day.

Les scènes fortuites

On the other hand, I tend to avoid festivals and giant puppets. There are just too many people there for a guy who’s five-foot-six!

I look forward to discovering Griffintown’s new Station F-MR, a temporary public place with old metro cars. I love how some public spaces have been reappropriated in recent years, by combining creativity, design and culture.

After my time spent meandering around the city, all I need is a commanding view of the river to cap off my day. The extraordinary smell and the fresh breeze coming off the choppy waters remind me that this is my home. What more could I possibly need?