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Formule E à Montréal


A green and non-noisy race
Published on
July 4, 2017
On July 29 and 30, get ready for the Hydro-Québec Montréal ePrix event, a completely electric racecar circuit! Speed, technology and suspense await you, with a level of intensity that is just as high as the F1!

“There’s an audience for this type of event,” says David Larusso, a Montrealer for whom it is unthinkable to miss an F1 race. “There are lots of race fans in Montréal. We see it each year with all the people who come to the Grand Prix. Personally, I can’t wait and I think that the Formula E shows that Montréal is willing to promote green technologies.”

The race will take place on an urban racetrack, and with the Jacques Cartier Bridge as a backdrop, television viewers from all over the world can discover facets of Ville-Marie as racecars go zooming through. The racetrack, which will form a rectangle bordered by Rue Berri to the west, Avenue Papineau to the east, Boulevard René-Lévesque to the north and Rue Notre- Dame to the south, promises swift turns and lots of action.

Formule E à Montréal

“You don’t want to miss these cars on the same track as the F1,” says Réal Petit, a Montrealer who was a racecar driver at the end of the 1990s. “The strength of these cars is how fast they can accelerate. There’s no use having straight lines – it’s much more fun to have a series of turns! It makes for a better show.”

The future of transportation in Montréal

By presenting this competition downtown for its 375th anniversary, Montréal is welcoming the future of transportation. It's a milestone that places the city on the map of places where sustainable, technological and electric mobility is being developed.

“Not only will this race attract an audience of some 20 million people around the world – automobile builders who participate in this race will constantly be innovating to improve vehicles, motors and batteries,” explains Simon Pillarella, executive director of Montréal c’est électrique, the promoter of the Hydro-Québec Montréal ePrix, whose mission is to promote electric transportation in Montréal.

A show for everyone

Formule E à Montréal

The show promises to be a high-level competition, but also an event that is open to everyone. First of all, because of the price – with tickets starting at $32, it's much easier for anyone to go enjoy the show! And of course, the most logical way to get there is by public transportation!

“I’m planning to go with my kids,” says Marc-André Boivin, a racing fan who hasn’t missed an F1 race since age 8 – in 1978! “Since it’s not as noisy as the F1 and it’s affordable, it’s a family event!”

As well, people can participate indirectly by voting, on the Web or by Twitter, for their favourite driver. Votes are counted until just a few minutes before start. The three winners get a "Fan Boost": At a moment that suits them, they have access to more power in their motor so they can speed up or pass another driver.

This weekend of festivities will also be a great pretext for Montrealers to learn more about these technologies. Educational zones to promote the potential of electric vehicles will complete the race. You can also try cars, bikes and other means of electric transportation, check out local innovations in the field and discover the Roborace – a race for automatic vehicles.


Electric city 

With its transportation electrification strategy, Montréal aims to become a fertile ground for entrepreneurs who want to get into the industry. In 2017, the Institut de l’électrification et des transports intelligents was created as a first step in this direction.

Montréal aims to convert its road vehicles to electric power and electrify the STM network.