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Draw me an airplane

From dreams to reality
Published on
July 27, 2018
Some kids are holding back tears of joy when their participation in an internship is confirmed. Montréal Releve’s Business Class program fills its young interns with all kinds of emotions.

In the suffocating July heat, the high school seniors who are gathered together in the immense École des métiers de l’aérospatiale (in French) workshop hang on the every word of instructor Sylvain Mayer as he gives instructions.

They were cherry-picked to participate in an aerospace internship that will also take them to Bombardier for a five-day immersion into the world of airplanes. Mayer is pleased to welcome them to his school, where students have discovered different professions for the past five years.

“The young people who spend those two days with us are motivated. I prepared a guide for them on building a small airplane, and I’m always surprised at how serious they are. I give them directions and never have to repeat myself.”

Three of them wanted to share their impressions on the second day of the internship.

Gilda Dominguez Santos

Gilda Dominguez Santos

“I’m enjoying my experience because I like working with my hands. I also love airplanes and I’m an air cadet, so when they called me to say I had been selected, I was really happy. My class is the only one in my school taking part in Business Class and for us, it’s a privilege. No way could we pass up this chance! We had to go!”

Koraly Morasse

Koraly Morasse 

“I love everything about airplanes in general! Especially since we’re also going to visit Bombardier! When they told me about it on the phone, I almost cried! Since we made progress on our planes quickly, the teacher decided to let us create a motor for them, and I was really happy to build mine.”

Sébastien Roy, accompagné du professeur Sylvain Mayer

Sébastien Roy

“I wasn’t expecting it, but I learned that I love manual labour. Combining theory and practice is really great for building airplanes and helicopters. I’m interested in engineering and I’m planning to study pure sciences in college. The projects that students are working on at the school are impressive. I loved the workshop, it’s like a big work space. The students explained to us how their machines worked and when they saw that we had difficulties, they’d come and help us.”



This year, more than 1,600 high school juniors and seniors (in French) will participate in an internship in one of Montréal Releve’s 420 partner organizations. Through the internships, they’ll explore 18 sectors of activity to facilitate their choice of post-secondary studies.