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The Factry: An unusual school
Published on
June 7, 2017
Recently C2 Montréal, an international networking activity that pairs business and creativity, was held. Thanks to the creativity school Factry, some 30 young people joined thousands of decision-makers and creative minds who met to explore with them the trends and upheavals of our era. We had the chance to meet some of these young people.

The Factry began its activities in 2016 in C2 Montréal. This year at C2, the school, which is associated with Collège Sainte-Anne de Lachine, decided to send a team of young people ages 18 to 24 named #MeetTheFuture to meet businesses and managers.


Camille De Repentigny, who volunteered at C2 in 2016, considers herself an unconventional person.

“I wanted to explore my passions and creativity,” said the Collège Sainte-Anne student. “It’s the first time that I’ve been able to experience this from the inside. I feel lucky! I connected with people from all levels and from all over the world. I had as much reason to be there as the biggest CEOs.”

Matthew Satterthwaite

Matthew Satterthwaite, who is doing a master’s in neuroscience at  McGill University, participated in several brain dates over the three electrifying days of C2.

“I had the chance to explain how neuroscience is involved in society, the business world, marketing or law,” he said. 

Brain date

“Companies today need to hear what millenials have to say,” said Hélène Godin, the Factry’s creative manager. “And young people are eager to be immersed in the reality of business. We wanted to offer them both the opportunity to meet and talk.”

Julian Lucchesi, who is pursuing a master’s in aerospace at the ETS, is also very active in his school’s entrepreneurial committee.

“Thanks to our T-shirts from the Factry,” he said, “people were quicker to approach us. It helped me meet lots of people.”

The young European, who would like to move to Montréal after completing his studies, participated in a dozen brain dates that gave him the chance to meet professionals from a number of horizons. 

“I got to talk with someone from Boeing in Seattle, someone from the Dubai airport and a Quebecker who works for an airline, he said. For 45 minutes, I got to speak to some of the top people in my field.”

Les brain dates à C2


Founded and developed six years ago in Montréal, C2 is a completely different world with an inspiring atmosphere where cultures and skills meet and nourish each other.

“You don’t always know what you want to do for the rest of your life,” said De Repentigny. “At C2, I learned a lot about myself. It was exciting, and it made me want to learn even more,” said the future art history student.

All #MeetTheFuture participants came out of these three days more inspired and motivated than ever.

“Montréal offers incredible opportunities to make connections. Creativity is everywhere,” said Matthew Satterthwaite.

The Factry aims to meet the emerging needs of training for professionals and stimulate up and coming talent for creative industries.