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Les Dépanneurs

A Company That’s Lending a Helping Hand...

In Saint-Léonard
Published on
September 19, 2017
“Détendez-vous, on s’occupe de tout !” This reassuring slogan – meaning “Relax, leave it all to us” – comes to us courtesy of a Saint-Léonard-based social economy conciergerie called Les Dépanneurs, which offers local residents a helping hand in the form of small day-to-day services.

Need someone to clean your house, wash your car, mow the lawn, shovel the walk, or collect your mail while you’re on vacation? Finding someone to do all these things is not always easy. For the past year, Saint-Leonard residents have been able to order in a range of concierge services at an affordable cost.

During summer, clients make their way to the small wooden kiosk at Parc Ladauversière, or to the company’s web site (open year-round!), which lets them pay online. 

Le kiosque des dépanneurs

Local employment, social reassurance

This social economy company – the first of its kind in Montréal – is supported by the organization Concertation Saint-Léonard and financed under the Integrated urban revitalization program (RUI) in the Viau-Robert sector.

“The goal is to create local jobs while improving the quality of life for residents, an aging population, by offering services tailored to their needs,” explains RUI Viau-Robert coordinator Catherine Boucher.

The company was officially launched on September 15, 2016, and it now employs four regular “dépanneurs” (trouble-shooters) who work on call, in keeping with their respective areas of expertise.

Le projet d'économie social Les Dépanneurs est en constant recrutement

“Since the company is a springboard for employment, they’re actively recruiting! And because Les Dépanneurs is a conciergerie, this isn’t about mopping the floors in a school corridor. The company’s creators drew inspiration from the “Lulu dans ma rue” concept first introduced in Paris. The idea was to put local residents in touch with neighbours apt to help them in a pinch with any number of tasks: cleaning, computing support, small moves, repairs of all kinds, and so forth.”

Expansion in the cards

And how has the company progressed after a year?

“We went door to door to promote the company in the spring, and we added a significant number of clients this summer. Our long-term goal is to further heighten our public profile and secure as many contracts as possible to ensure that our dépanneurs have full-time work.”

And why not export the idea to other Montréal neighbourhoods? We predict a promising future for this clever concept.

See more on the conciergerie Les Dépanneurs on Youtube.