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With no gluten!
Published on
July 24, 2017
David Cayer and Julien Niquet have been brewing up business in Montréal since 2010. The two friends, graduates of the École de gestion de l’UQAM, launched their business based on a very simple idea: creating a beer for people with gluten intolerance.

The gluten-free market was already expanding fast, so the young entrepreneurs jumped at the chance to venture into the field.

“After a year of tests,” Niquet recalled, “our first beer was ready.”

David et Julien

Success came quickly. Within a few weeks, production went from 20,000 litres to 2 million litres. They had to move, invest in new buildings and install a new production chain. However, there was no doubt in these associates’ minds – they would be staying on the island of Montréal.

“Montréal is a city we love very much. But that’s not the only reason we decided to do business here. By operating our brewery out of Montréal, we have a triple advantage,” explained Niquet.


“First of all, in terms of distribution, Montréal is our primary market. It’s also easy to find a qualified workforce who can come to work by metro. And finally, Montréal’s water is of high quality. That’s what gives our beers their signature. They wouldn’t have the same taste elsewhere.”


Since their creation, Glutenberg beers have been recognized internationally by the World Beer Cup. This success served to launch the brand all over the world. Over the past few years, its products have won many other awards and medals.

Un choix varié!

“We export more than 35% of our production to the United States,” Niquet said.

The company continues to expand, and it ensures it has the resources to look ahead.

Cayer was able to enrich his entrepreneurial experience through Montréal’s Parcours innovation PME.

“Getting to know other entrepreneurs and taking a break from everyday operations gave me the chance to step back,” he said. “It’s inspiring to be able to think about business issues and mutual concerns.”

Today, The Glutenberg crobrewery is part of Group Glutenberg, that also includes Transbroue, a distribution company, and Oshlag, which brews traditional beers with gluten.

Montréal’s water is of high quality. That’s what gives our beers their signature. They wouldn’t have the same taste elsewhere.



Glutenberg is one of 30 companies in the Parcours innovation PME 2017, a city initiative whose objective is to stimulate the growth of small businesses in Montréal. Program participants get personalized services and advice to meet their entrepreneurial challenges, such as developing new markets overseas.