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Bras de fer

Bras de fer (Strong Arm), coming to a park near you!

Theatre for children
Published on
July 12, 2017
Théâtre La Roulotte has brought its magic to Montréal’s parks for 65 seasons now. Each summer, the travelling troupe presents a new play each summer for kids ages six to 12, free of charge. This year, that play is Bras de fer (Strong Arm), written by Mathieu Héroux and staged by Jean-Simon Traversy, which is sure to delight your whole family.

The story? Bras de fer, an 11-year-old robot-child, moves to Montréal with his parents from an unknown country. Self-acceptance, courage and friendship are among the themes. On stage, the graduates of Montréal's theatre schools have fun and captivate their audience with their costumes, somersaults and songs.

Loïc and Alice, age 6

Loïc, who is afraid of monsters, thinks Bras de fer is very brave for fighting his fears. His twin, Alice, told us that her favourite part was the end, when the actors all sing together.

Alice et Loïc


Miko, age 10 and Elsie, age 5

Miko enjoyed the play, even though "it's a story we've already heard before," he said. "The kid comes to a new school, everyone intimidates him, and afterwards he makes lots of friends... But I still thought it was funny, and the sets and costumes were really great." His sister Elsie said she "liked everything the best."

Miko et Elsie


Gabriel Favreau (Bras de fer)

The actor who plays the lead role says that he's really enjoyed "meeting" the city. I am a Montrealer and I know my city, but when we go on tour, we go from Outremont to Saint-Henri; we visit all the city's parks, and we get to know the city in a much deeper way."

Gabriel Favreau


Myriam Gaboury (Suzy)

The young graduate of Montréal's Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Montréal told us that her favourite part of this experience is meeting young audiences: "Kids don't lie, they're so generous and transparent. They're an incredible audience!"

Myriam Gaboury

Performances through August 23, 2017

For more information: laroulotte.accesculture.com