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Miss Fresh


Miss Fresh
Published on
January 17, 2018
MissFresh, launched in 2015, is a company with the wind in its sails! The LaSalle-based company delivers its meal kit boxes all over Canada. Check out this portrait of a trio of entrepreneurs who think big.

In Australia in 2014, Marie-Ève Prévost and her brother, Bernard, discovered meal kit boxes (boxes delivered to your home with one or more recipes and the ingredients to prepare them).

Time saving

For the young working mom and new dad, the service met a despe­rate need: to eat healthy and save time, at a reasonable price. They quickly saw a business opportunity.

“We talked about it every night,” said Prévost, executive director and co-founder. “We couldn’t believe that the service didn’t exist in Canada!”

With their complementary expertise, they began developing a business plan and looking for funding. Their strategy was to get into Montréal and develop their own meal kit service there. With the help of their childhood friend and software designer Ritter Huang, who is now the technical director of MissFresh, they were successful.

Un menu proposé par Miss Fresh - image tirée de leur site Web

Although it now shares the market with other companies offering similar services, MissFresh sets itself apart with the large number of recipes subscribers can choose each week, its user-friendly Web site and its flexibility.

“You can easily add portions for a recipe or skip a week,” said Prévost.

Simplicity and flavour

Catherine Leblanc has been a MissFresh subscriber for more than a year and a half. For the businesswoman and mother of five, MissFresh is a way to save time and money and limit waste. “Everything is calculated: I get the exact quantity of each ingredient I need,” she said.

Meal-planning headaches are over.

“I let MissFresh choose the recipes,” she said. “I order for six people, five days a week, and we have enough for our lunches, too.”

With five kids, isn’t it hard to manage preferences? To her great surprise, her kids loved tuna steak, curly kale and fig and goat cheese pizza.

“My kids can’t wait to see what’s in the box!” said Leblanc, who is quick to recommend the service to people who love to cook and people who want to make their lives easier.

Encouraging innovation 

MissFresh is one of 30 companies in the Parcours innovation PME 2017, a city initiative whose objective is to stimulate the growth of small businesses in Montréal. Program participants get personalized services and advice to help them meet their entrepreneurial objectives, such as developing new international markets.