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The best sledding hills in Montréal

A nice selection
Published on
December 29, 2017
Across the island of Montréal, many parks offer the perfect hill for both young and old sledders to enjoy giggles and fun. Here’s a short selection. What about you – what’s YOUR favourite hill?

As soon as there’s snow on the ground, there’s nothing like sledding to add a little festivity to the middle of the week or a Sunday morning – even before that first sip of hot chocolate.

Parc Ahuntsic - Ahuntsic

The hill, which is popular with neighbourhood families, doesn’t intimidate small children too much and reassures parents. And the atmosphere is sure to be festive, with a huge Christmas tree that looms over the centre of this very lively park.

Parc Arthur-Therrien - Verdun

D’un côté, le fleuve. De l’autre, le centre-ville. Au centre, une aire de glissade bien dégagée… et balayée par le vent. À vos foulards !

Parc Arthur-Therrien

Parc Beaubien -  Outremont

Sledding backwards, facing the Outremont adult education centre, Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine is just a bit further behind us. The park is surrounded by three skating rinks – perfect for a turnkey multi-activity outing!

Parc Delorme - Saint-Léonard

This large park, which only neighbourhoof families seem to know about, is a natural playground that you are sure to love. The hill is located near the pavilion.

Parc du mont Royal

Parc du mont Royal - Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

Of course, the island’s famous mountain is ideal for sledding. You can sled down the base of the mountain, or near Lac-aux-Castors, on large tubing lanes ($), after enjoying a few rounds of skating on the refrigerated rink.

Parc du Pélican - Rosemont–Petite-Patrie

On the little hill in Parc de Pélican, near the bustling Rue Masson, sledders can enjoy a quiet place away from the traffic noise on Rue Molson. Enjoy the glide downhill, with plenty of space to slow down before heading back up for another thrilling run!

Parc Pélican

Parc Francesca-Cabrini - Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

This former Alpine ski track is a must in the area for sledding, tobogganing, crazy carpets and snow saucers!

Parc Ignace-Bourget - Le Sud-Ouest

This newly redesigned and well-lit parc has a special sledding area at the top of the hil, where you can see the skyscrapers of the city from a distance. There are two lanes, one for beginners and one for experts, depending on the steepness of the hill and the intensity of the sensations you’re seeking!

Côte Cabrini

Parc-nature de l’Île-de-la-Visitation - Ahuntsic et Montréal-Nord

The sledding zone, which is near the welcome centre and parking lot and surrounded by pedestrian paths, looks out over the bucolic Bassin du Pêcheur. And why not take a winter walk around the Secteur de l’Île before you go home? Unless you brought your cross country skis!

Parc Maisonneuve - Rosemont–Petite-Patrie

A hill at Parc Maisonneuve? There’s actually an immense valley in the middle of the park where you can sled for about 10 metres without even hearing the cars just a few hundred metres away on Rue Viau. Further away, music plays at the ice ring, where you can take a few laps around the ice after a quick break to warm up at the chalet.

Parc Morgan

Parc Morgan - Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

This brand-new park attracts families year-round. From Rue Sainte-Catherine, after a short walk uphill, there’s an unpretentious little sledding paradise, which is a perfect pretext to stop into one of the nearby cafés once your cheeks are red from the fun and the cold.

Montréal-Nord : parc Pilon

This redeveloped park, which even has its own Ferris wheel, is the delight of area residents who want to enjoy outdoor fun in the wintertime. Do you have a dog? He or she is sure to enjoy the neighbouring dog park!

Parc Pilon

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