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Montréal’s pet by-law sets out rules of conduct and civic-mindedness to ensure the safety of all residents and to help humans and their pets live better together.

Pets are considered any animal that is raised and maintained by humans for pleasure, as a companion. The term includes most dogs and cats.

The by-law sets out which species residents can have in their homes and limits the number of pets per household.

With a view to nuisance control (strays, excessive barking, property damage, etc.), the by-law emphasizes guardians’ responsibilities and residents’ safety in public places.

All dog and cat guardians who live in Montréal must have a valid license and renew it each year.

Enforcing the by-law

The city and its boroughs enforce the application of the by-law in various ways:

  • By patrolling the territory to ensure that civic and safety rules are observed.
  • By informing guardians of the existing regulations and promoting awareness of their responsibilities.
  • By fining residents who are guilty of an infraction, such as not holding a valid license, failure to use a leash or leaving pets to roam freely, unsanitary conditions, nuisance due to barking, biting, etc.
  • By ensuring that all complaints are addressed.