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Montréal’s undertakings under the By-law Concerning Animal Control

The animal control by-law’s objective is to ensure harmonious cohabitation between residents and pets and ensure residents’ safety.

Pets are considered any animal that is raised and maintained by humans for pleasure, as a companion. The term includes most dogs and cats.

The by-law sets out which species residents can have in their homes and limits the number of pets per household.

With a view to nuisance control (strays, excessive barking, property damage, etc.), the by-law emphasizes guardians’ responsibilities and residents’ safety in public places.

All dog and cat guardians who live in Montréal must have a valid permit and renew it each year.

Enforcing the by-law

Montréal and its boroughs will enforce the by-law. They are informing pet guardians and making them aware of their responsibilities. They can issue fines for non-compliance such as not having a permit, uncleanliness, off-leash pets, noisy barking and biting. An animal control patrol will make the rounds of the city to ensure that the by-law is obeyed.