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Living in Montréal with your pet

Montréal, through its boroughs, regulates pets within city limits.

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Learn about by-laws

Animal control by-laws set out rules for behaviour and civic-mindedness that ensure residents' safety, peace and quiet and sanitary public spaces.

Obtain a permit for your pet

Having a municipal license for your animal is mandatory. Your pet must wear his or her tag at all times.

Pet’s owner guide

Becoming a pet owner is a long-term commitment. Take care of pet means making a commitment to take care of it every day, for the rest of its life, and obeying all related rules and regulations.

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Adoption, a responsibility

There are many advantages of having a pet around, as a companion, but welcoming a pet into your home is no small move, and quite the contrary.

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Be responsible,
have your pet spayed or neutered!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I find an animal or lose my pet?

Stray animals must be reported to 311, where you will be informed what to do become agitated or. Each borough has access to the services of an animal shelter that takes in stray animals found on its territory.

Each animal that is brought to the shelter is checked to see if it can be identified (tag, microchip or tattoo). If so, the shelter contacts the pet's owner.

If you lose your pet, you must quickly contact the organization in charge of animal control in your borough to find out whether your pet has been brought to a shelter.

If your pet is lost and is not at one of the local shelters, a neighbour may have taken it in temporarily. So it’s important that you put up "looking for my pet" posters with a photo of your lost pet and your contact information. Put up your posters in commercial and public places that allow you to do so.

If you find a dead pet, phone 311.

What should I do when moving with a pet?

Dog or cat owners who move to another borough, town or city and already have a permit from that municipality must still register their pet in their new neighbourhood upon arrival.

Phone 311 for information about by-laws in your borough and where you need to go to obtain a permit for your pet.

Change of address and other contact information must be quickly reported to all authorities where your pet is registered and, in particular, to the borough, the microchip maker and your veterinarian.