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You and Your Pet: Live Better Together in Montréal

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Montréal’s pet by-law sets out rules of conduct and civic-mindedness to ensure the safety of all residents and to improve cohabitation with pets.

Your dog must be wearing his or her tag at all times and be kept on a 1.85 metre (maximum) leash in public spaces.

Also, all dogs that weigh more than 20 kg must wear a head collar or harness attached to the leash.

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All dogs and cat guardians that live within Montréal’s city limits must obtain an annual license for their pet. The license is valid anywhere within Montréal’s city limits.

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Free Spay/neuter Program

In addition to the many advantages spaying or neutering your pet offers, it is also compulsory to do so. Low-income households can have their pet spayed or neutered free of charge.

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Adoption is a responsibility

There are many advantages of having a pet around as a companion, but welcoming a pet into your home is no small move – quite the contrary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to obtain a license if my dog is microchipped?

Yes, dog guardians must have a valid license. They must ensure that their dog wears his or her tag at all times. Fees for obtaining a license are reduced by $7 when dogs have a microchip. Guardians of dogs with a microchip must advise the microchip provider of any change to their contact information within 15 days of changing this information.

Do I have to obtain a license if my dog doesn’t go outside often and is with me each time he or she does go out?

Yes, dog guardians must have a valid license. It is not uncommon that a dog that usually lives inside manages to get out without his or her guardian’s knowledge. This is why it is important that dogs always wear their tags.