Spotlight on Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc Extension

The history of the borough is tied to the development of transportation routes: the Canadian Pacific railroads, the tramway, the Metropolitan Autoroute, and the métro…
Faisceaux d’histoire.

Faisceaux d’histoire is the installation of luminous works on four emblematic sites of the borough: at the Place Jean-Marie-Gauvreau (host of the future house of the Claude-Léveillée culture), at the Saint-Michel Library and on Jarry Street East, between D'Iberville Street and 12th Avenue.

Rails, roads and other intersections pass from simple lines of transport to lines loaded with history and light, revealing the soul of each district. Titled TRANSLATIONS, the work is a creation of ATOMIC3.

This project is being financed by the Ville de Montréal.
Investment by the city: $1 million
  • Faisceaux d’histoire.
  • Faisceaux d’histoire.
  • Faisceaux d’histoire.
    Photos : Atomic 3