Restoring Viger Square to its former glory

Viger Square – at long last! – will regain its former glory.
Viger Square.

Mastodo – the famous fountain sculpture by artist Charles Daudelin – is there to stay. It will be moved and permanently integrated into a waterscape. The focus will be on creating a dialogue between the work, the basins and the water wall, in a spirit of respect for Daudelin’s original intent.

In addition to the enhancement of public artworks, the redevelopment project calls for a major greening operation and an effort to open up the space. Fences and low walls will be removed to make way for vast open spaces that are sure to draw pedestrians traffic, with unrestricted access to the neighbourhoods bordering the square.

A green canopy will be planted, thereby transforming the concrete space into an authentic haven of coolness in the heart of the city. Open spaces coupled with play, relaxation and service areas, including a café-restaurant, will encourage citizens to reappropriate the square.

This project is being financed by the Ville de Montréal.
Investment by the city: $28 million
  • Viger Square.
  • Viger Square.
  • Viger Square.
Photos : Ville de Montréal