An improved nature-culture path
Réseau-Vert Plan

Hundreds of pedestrians, runners and cyclists use it every day, without even knowing its actual name. The Réseau-Vert spans some three kilometres between rue Fullum and rue Saint-Urbain, running alongside the Canadian Pacific Railway line.

Beloved by citizens, this unique path will be improved with the addition of several new developments in 2017. More specifically, the project calls for urban furniture to be added, together with fitness training, rest and play areas and proper signage. The built heritage in this working-class industrial sector – a true witness to Montréal’s development – will be enhanced with the installation of historic panels. Also in the works: the greening of several spaces.

In short, this will be a safer and more people-friendly path, one that pairs active transportation with recreational space—all while highlighting its natural heritage setting.

Investment by the city: $1 million
    Photos : Ville de Montréal