Covering Ville-Marie autoroute

Re-creating ties between downtown and Old Montréal.
Place des Montréalaises.

A stretch of the Ville-Marie Expressway from Avenue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville to Rue Sanguinet will be covered in order to connect downtown and Old Montréal.

The neighbourhood’s residents, workers, tourists and visitors will be able to easily cross from one sector to the other while making the most of a new public gathering place. The enhancement of heritage – not least the famed stained glass by Marcelle Ferron – will be front and center, and an emphasis will be placed on greening the surroundings and offering services (small restaurant, washrooms, etc.).

The development of this 1.8-hectare space is part of a vast revitalization initiative in the Champs-de-Mars sector aimed at making it a true crossroads between the old city and today’s Montréal.

This project is funded by the government of Québec.
Investment by the city: $36.1 million
    Photos : MAMOT, Gouvernement du Québec.