Illuminating the Jacques-Cartier Bridge: An avant-garde concept that speaks to Montréal’s creativity

Living connections is the flagship project marking the 375th anniversary of Montréal and the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation.
Illuminating the Jacques-Cartier Bridge.

The Jacques-Cartier Bridge will shine brightly with the addition of interactive lighting activated in real time by the seasons and Montréal’s effervescence.

The illumination will not be static, therefore, and will evolve in step, as it were, with the mood of the moment. For example, the light will shine brighter in the wake of a Montréal Canadiens’ victory, or may be more discreet on a quiet day in autumn.

As a testament to the creative intelligence of Montrealers, this illuminated work will be at the vanguard of what’s being done in this field at the international level, where innovation is used to highlight heritage value. The Jacques-Cartier Bridge occupies an emblematic place in the greater metropolitan region owing to its unique historic and architectural character. A grand illuminated work fit for a towering feat of engineering.

The feasibility study and the preliminary concept were created by the Moment Factory, in collaboration with six Montréal-based multimedia and lighting studios.

This project is receiving financial support from the Government of Canada and the Society for the Celebration of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary.
    Photos : Moment Factory