Fort Ville-Marie: A new pavilion at the Pointe-à-Callière Museum

Citizens and tourists alike will soon be able to visit Fort Ville-Marie, the birthplace of Montréal, at Pointe-à-Callière in Old Montréal.
New pavilion at the Pointe-à-Calibre Museum.

Built in 1642, Fort Ville-Marie was the administrate seat of the colony founded by Paul de Comedy de Maisonneuve and Jeanne Mance. A few years after its construction in 1688, Louis-Hector de Calibre, the governor of New France, acquired the property and built his residence on the spot.

A new pavilion at the museum will be constructed above the vestiges, thus giving visitors access to a long-buried chapter in our history.

The project also calls for highlighting the Ville’s former collector sewer. Constructed between 1832 and 1838, the collector sewer is widely regarded as a masterwork of civil engineering unique in North America. Visitors will be able to follow the collector route as they walk between the new pavilion and the main building. Over the years, the collector will become the backbone of the Montréal Archeology and History Complex.

This project is receiving financial support from the Ville de Montréal and the Pointe-à-Calibre Foundation.
Investment by the city: $30.5 million
  • New pavilion at the Pointe-à-Calibre Museum.
    Photos : Ville de Montréal