Champ-de-Mars area: Place Vauquelin combines heritage and innovation

Old Montréal residents and workers have enjoyed this area for years.
The Place Vauquelin.

Place Vauquelin, with its fountain and granite, invites you to relax and enjoy this historic area.

The proposed redevelopment would make the area more user friendly and ergonomic, with the addition of seating and more contemporary street furniture. The square is also accessible to people with reduced mobility, starting from Rue Notre-Dame and Champ de Mars.

At the heart of the project is the preservation and enhancement of the landscape, which includes the restoration of the Jean Vauquelin monument and bringing the square back to its original street level on Rue Notre-Dame. The new design is innovative. The basin's fountain would become interactive, with play fountains, sound and light!

The pavement of the square, the stairs and the access ramp to Champ de Mars would be heated, which would make it easier to visit year-round for people with reduced mobility.

As well, increasing the tree canopy by 35% with new trees.

The redevelopment of Place Vauquelin is part of the project to develop the Cité Administrative, a 13-hectare site bordered by Saint-Jacques, Gosford, Notre-Dame and Blvd. Saint-Laurent.

This project, for a total cost of $ 14.7 million, is receiving grants totalling $ 11.5 million under the cultural development agreement between Montréal and the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du gouvernement du Québec.
    Photos : Lemay, 2016.