Terrace and public space at the Maison Brignon in Montréal-Nord

Built in about 1770, the Maison Brignon-dit-Lapierre is a heritage building and a cultural venue that’s hugely popular with citizens in Montréal-Nord and the surrounding areas.
The Maison Brignon in Montréal-Nord.

Each year some 3,000 people make their way to the Maison Brignon to take in one of the 40 or so shows and cultural activities presented there. In particular, the historic house features musical performances and a variety of lecture presentations, to go along with evening events hosted by storytellers, and art workshops.

In conjunction with an upcoming redevelopment project that will see a new terrace and public space built on the site, together with new infrastructures, the programming will be enriched with the presentation of circus performances, dance shows, art exhibitions and cultural mediation activities. What better way to highlight this signature site on the shores of the Rivière des prairies!

This project is being financed by the Ville de Montréal.
Investment by the city: $1 million
  • The Maison Brignon in Montréal-Nord.
    Photos : Ville de Montréal