Toussaint Louverture
The pride of a community

This bust of Mr. Louverture gives a proud and positive image of the contribution of the Haitian community to the development of the metropolis.
Plan du buste avant

A group of residents from the Haitian community wanted to participate in Montréal's 375th anniversary by offering the city a bust of Toussaint Louverture, emblematic figure of the emancipation movement of Black people in the Americas and universal human rights.

The sculpture, created by the artist Dominique Dennery,  was installed at the entrance of Parc Toussaint Louverture, which was dedicated to the hero who fought for the abolition of slavery and precursor to Haiti's independence in 2005.

The initiative committee wanted to offer a proud and positive image of the Haitian community's contribution to the development of our city and show that the community appreciates Montréal's warm welcome and hospitality in the migratory trajectory of Haitians.

This project is made possible by the contribution of about 250 contributors. A fundraising campaign with a goal of $ 40,000 was launched for the creation of the bust and a souvenir album. The Haitian Community Office of Montreal (BCHM) acted as trustee for the project. Montreal (Ville-Marie borough) offered the base and made a floral arrangement to enhance the work.

  • Plan du buste
    Photos : Studio Kay